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Other Services

KTB Designs can provide space planning services to individuals who are overwhelmed at the thought of downsizing, organizing or moving. It is never too early to sort through the unused or excess items in a home. As advocates of efficient and organized homes we will patiently encourage decreasing the volume of items and organizing the items which are kept while maintaining a sense of humor. Working with the homeowner we will:

  • design a safe & efficient furniture arrangement to meet the home owner’s needs

  • determine excess items and suggest a method to purge the excess

  • sort items to be sold, distributed to family, and kept in the new scheme

  • prepare a computerized and photographic inventory

If you are contemplating building a new home for the "rest of your life," please let the designer review the plans and make sure that the house has been planned for aging in place. For example: are the doorways and halls wheelchair or walker accessible. Do the walls have bracing where grab bars will be located? Can the shower be used by a person who needs a walker or who has limited mobility? These are simple changes which can make it possible to stay in your home comfortably for the rest of your life.

Liquidation and elimination of surplus items;

The removal of extra items can be overwhelming. Our services include organizing for an Estate sale or garage sale as appropriate to the situation. We have extensive experience and contacts to find the most profitable way to sell or dispose of unused items. Let us suggest people to help with these needs or services.

Remodeling experience

Our extensive remodeling experience makes us uniquely qualified to determine the repairs or cosmetic changes which may make the residence more desirable and there fore more easily marketable. Generally this is a good time to make repairs, repaint, and clean or replace flooring. We can schedule reputable subcontractors who are qualified to do these items.

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